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behavioral health

Behavioral Health

There For You When You Need It Most

Focused Family Services offers outpatient, in-office, as well as Home & Community-Based Support Services (HCBS) behavioral health services to adults and children with general mental health (GMH) issues, and/or substance use issues. To enroll in services at FFS, contact our Intake Team at (602) 253-6259. Walk-in appointments are also available at FFS sites during normal business hours.

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment, an initial assessment will be completed to determine your individual needs. In addition to all clinical services we provide, we also provide on-going case management to determine current needs and assess progress. One-on-one support is provided by qualified behavioral health professionals and technicians.

Focused Family Services offers a wide range of behavioral techniques and interventions, programs, and support for all your mental health needs. Take a moment to explore our range of services below. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (602) 253-6259.

Assessment Services

Our clinical team can provide comprehensive assessments prior to beginning services. During your course of care, the assessment may be updated to better reflect your condition and situation at that point in time.

Case Management

At Focused Family Services, we coordinate and manage your care with you. Our services include physical and behavioral health care coordination, with your primary care physician or court-ordered treatment plan.

Children’s Services

This program focuses on reducing uncontrollable and/or risky behaviors, increasing family cohesion, improving the quality of social interactions, improving coping skills, mental health education, etc.

Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment

Services are directed at emotional regulation, cognitive re-structuring, life skills to improve quality social interactions.

Our services also provide various individuals with opportunities to implement new living skills and interpersonal skills at our clients’ homes.

Psychiatric Services

We offer psychiatric evaluations and ongoing care. These services involve psychiatric evaluations, and the prescribing of psychotropic medications and ongoing management services to ensure your medicines are working as intended. Services can be provided in-office, and we will soon be offering telemedicine services.

Transportation Services

Transportation may be provided to those who are otherwise unable to attend or benefit from medically necessary behavioral health services.

This will include the use of public transportation via city bus or taxi service with passes obtained by Focused Family Services Community Health Center.

Personal Skills

Our specialists promote independent living, social, and communication skills. At Focused Family Services, we reinforce personal skill development to improve self-care, household management, healthy relationships, coping skills, intervention, and budgeting through the use of community resources.

In-Home Care

We provide in-home care services to assist a person in carrying out daily living tasks and other activities essential for healthy living. This includes assistance with homemaking, personal hygiene, and appropriate intervention. The goal of these services is to increase a person’s capacity for independent living.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment

We are now providing Intensive Outpatient (IOP) substance abuse treatment . This is intensive group counseling utilizing fully evidence-based curriculum to address a higher level of care that typical outpatient individual and/or group therapy can manage.

Psychosocial & Pre – Vocational Rehabilitation

We provide psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation services and ongoing support. Psychosocial Rehab. services provide personal care services by focusing on and promoting independent living, social and communication skills, personal skill development, household management, healthy relationships, coping skills, intervention strategies, and budgeting. Vocational Rehab. services focus on employment readiness, designed to assist an individual to effectively prepare for, and secure, gainful employment or other meaningful community activity (e.g., volunteer work). We provide GED preparation, resume writing, job researching assistance, and on the job supportive services.

At Focused Family Services Community Health Center, we provide individual counseling and group counseling opportunities in Phoenix, Arizona for a variety of needs and conditions. These counseling sessions allow you to share and learn with an experienced counselor and your peers in a safe and supportive environment. Specialized services include, but are not limited to:

Interpersonal Relationship

If you’re seeking to gain greater insight and strengthen your interpersonal relationships, we can assist.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)​

Our specialists help you work through the fears and triggers to help you regain control of your life.

Substance Abuse and Support

At Focused Family Services we help you recover from substance abuse and provide the support you need to heal.

Women’s Services

We specialized in focus groups devoted to women and the unique struggles that women face.


At Focused Family Services we help strengthen your parenting skill and develop stronger, closer bonds with your children.

Coping Skills

Let our professionals help you develop better coping skills to adapt to any situation in a healthy manner.

Men’s Support

Similarly, Focused Family engages in therapy geared toward the unique challenges and pressures faced by men.

Anxiety and Depression

For sufferers of depression and anxiety, we help you work through emotional triggers and develop positive cognitive behaviors to combat negative thoughts and feelings.

Anger and Stress Management

Learn how to better manage anger and stress in a controlled, functional manner.

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