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Primary Care

Focused Family Services is very proud to now offer full integrated care services. For our members that currently receive PCP services through another provider, the option now exists that you can receive those services, along with any behavioral health and/or substance abuse treatment services, all under one roof at Focused Family Services. We understand that your healthcare needs are as unique as you. and you want the care that meets your needs, with providers that are there for you, consistently.

Why See a Primary Care Provider?

Please do not wait until you get sick to see a primary care provider. Primary care practitioners see their patients regularly; looking for symptoms even a patient may not notice himself or herself. In addition, our providers can guide you toward healthy lifestyle habits that may decrease the likelihood that you’ll need expensive specialty care. We can educate patients on healthy habits and catch early warning signs that may require further investigation. For example, a routine health exam may uncover conditions such as high blood pressure. Health problems like these can go unnoticed by the patient for years resulting in serious chronic health issues. Developing a relationship with your Primary Care Practitioner can help keep illnesses at bay. Remember the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your Focused Family Services primary care practitioners work closely with you to address all of your physical health needs. And if you need specialized care, you can work with our team of providers and Case Managers to ensure that referrals are made for you in a timely fashion to receive the care that you need, and when you need it.

We’re dedicated to building a continuous relationship based on communication and patient engagement where the ultimate goal is to coordinate your care for both wellness and illness. We encourage you to get engaged with this process and help co-lead our growing health care team to get the results you deserve.

Preventive Medicine and Health Screening

Preventive Medicine and Health Screening allows your health provider to direct preventive health measures and recommendations unique to your individual needs. A major part of your overall health today is focused around disease prevention and adherence to medically accepted guidelines of screening to promote your best possible health.

We can assist with physical health counseling and education, tobacco cessation, weight management, exercise recommendations, healthy dietary practices, diabetic risk assessment, and general physical health safety practices

We encourage you to take full advantage of age and risk based health screenings to promote your best health. The decision to screen for these diseases and the methods used for evaluation should be a mutually agreed upon decision by you and your health care provider.

Primary Care Medicine should be your first step into the health care system for evaluation and management recommendations. Most conditions are quickly and easily cared for at this step. If you need additional consultation and evaluation, our goal is to help you efficiently navigate the health care community to get the help you need.

Health Assessment

Health Assessment is important to accurately evaluate and record your health history and health status. Key factors in your evaluation include:

  • Medical History
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Past Surgeries
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Physical Examination

Chronic Disease and Illness Management

Chronic Disease Management represents the most important new evolution in health care delivery. Significant emphasis on chronic diseases and their management is a key aspect of promoting good health and preventing medical complications of disease.

Our focus is to work with you to promote the best practices to achieve the goals that promote a healthier you.

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